“A single drop can create ripples of change”

Purok Visits: A Way To Establish Rapport

Barangay San Isidro in Municipality of Mahayag adopts purok system in establishing and empowering communities to work together for their public needs and resources. The barangay has a total of seven (7) puroks, namely Purok Kawayanan, Purok Golden Shower, Purok Antolihaw, Purok Piña, Purok Palayan, Purok Greenhills and Purok Sandal. Each purok also has a…

A Home Away From Home

It was a Saturday morning when I left home bound to a new and unfamiliar place. As the car crossed the streets of San Jose, I had the opportunity to appreciate the details of this city. Streets were still empty and morning fog was everywhere, or maybe it was the accumulated layer of pollution from…

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